i'm Ilya, software engineer at big tech , mostly writing c++/rust/python/wtv... 4th year CS student interested in almost all kind of technologies and some fields of computer science. these are some of it:

  • sotware engineering (rust, c, haskell, python, ...)
  • languages, compiles development, ...
  • software security, reverse engineering, binary exploitation, ...
  • formal systems, theorem provers, ...

spending free time doing small and not so projects and exploring weird stuff

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# general

21 y.o, located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

# education

4th year student at ITMO university at computer scienece department. I used to write conspects in \(\LaTeX\) , all of this along with assignments is stored on github . conspects are auto built and published on separate site

# work experience

  • Sotware Engineer @ Yandex Go, <2021-11-24 Wed> - now
    developing and maintaining couple high load widely used infrastructure microservices, written in c++ using userver framework.

    developed a type inference system for inernally used DSL, OpenAPI schemas generator and tooling around

    developed an infrastructure for using serverless cloud functions: ci/cd and tooling

# TODO projects

  • uCI

    ⚡blazingly fast⚡

    completly opensource . simple and easy to use but at the same time enough powefull ci/cd system, intendent to use as self-hosted.

    some day I'll write post about it

  • upa can flash

    partially opensource . cross-platform gui application for flashing microcontrollers, that operates with ISO-14229. implement protocol from scratch up to abstraction of application layer.

  • ...

# TODO other interests

like playing ctfs sometimes. last couple years stick with pwn and reverse, but used to other category, as was playing almost solo in the beginning.

in the past enjoyed tinkering with my desktop setup . now settle up with nix , as one of the most reproducible build system with wonderfull configuration language and rich ecosystem. now using it everywhere for setting up reproducible development evironment and system configuration.


# links

github: iliayar
linkedin: iliayar
telegram: @iliayar
email: iliayar3@gmail.com

other fun links
code::stats: iliayar

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